He Chose This Life


He sees possibilities in this humble school that others might miss. When asked what his goals were, Bright Hope Headmaster Ruben Mizar (pictured at the right) replied, “I want to make this the best school in India.” That’s not just naked ambition, but a Spirit-led sense of possibility about what Bright Hope English School could become with God’s blessing.

Founded by his Aunt Premila more than ten years ago, the school has become a jewel nestled among the tea gardens of Siliguri, India in West Bengal. It serves the poorest young girls in the surrounding villages with a first class English education. It’s the proverbial golden ticket—a chance at a life beyond virtual slavery in the tea gardens or a nearby plywood factory.

India’s poor have few options and no one knows that better than Ruben. Based on his ethnicity and social status, his options would normally be very limited, but Ruben was fortunate to receive a good education. Rather than use that to his advantage, he chooses to serve at Bright Hope.

It’s that kind of passion that attracted Missions Pastor Mark Nicklas to the school. He observed, “They’re commitment is second to none. Their motivation is the Gospel—most of the girls who study there come to faith in Christ—but they’re resource constrained. That’s where we can help.”

In the last five years, Beaverton Foursquare has vastly improved the property, creating new residential space, new classrooms, clean water systems, and enhanced security for the girls. Commenting on the progress, Nicklas observes, “We’ve come a long way, but there’s more work to do and more opportunity to realize God’s Kingdom in this most unlikely of places.”

It’s the same thing Ruben sees.

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