Well we woke up to a 6.8 earthquake whose epicenter was about 30 miles away. Jim and I were already up so we headed out the door and rode it out behind the hotel with an Australian in his underwear. The rest of the guests either stayed inside or slept through it. It was a pretty good shaker. Yesterday was a big production day. we were able to set the solar panels to run the pump. We also put the pump into the well. Today we pump water.

Inline image 1  Inline image 2
The crane arrived so we were able to erect the water tower.
Inline image 9
Lots of eager watchers – they cannot wait to have the water!!!
Inline image 5 Inline image 4
We’re impressed by the attention to detail with these guys.
Inline image 6  Inline image 7
This guy had to go up and retrieve the lifting harness from the lifting of the first half of the tower. Jim and I were offered the privilege, but we didn’t want to show anyone up.
Inline image 10  Inline image 8
And we have our tower… ready for the tank today.  Praise God that we get to make such a difference to such a critical need!

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