Christine — Missionary to Bright Hope in India

DSC_3321Christine Beckel is a 6th grade youth leader, a black belt in Taekwondo, a coach, a martial arts instructor, a follower of Jesus and a missionary. On Friday, April 22, she will be heading to Siliguri, India to work with the Bright Hope English School as the “house mom” of the 34 girls who board there. Please keep her in your prayers as she makes the adjustments from life in America to missionary life in very different surroundings. You can be a part of our mission by giving towards the support of the girls there here.
After a one day delay because of missed flights, Christine finally arrived at the school. Here is her update….
Hi Pastor Mark,
I just wanted to let you know that all is well in India. Or at least, at Bright Hope English School. My room is quite comfortable and I actually think the lukewarm shower water is the perfect temperature (I’m totally not being sarcastic right now). I have mostly just been observing so far, playing with the girls, hanging out with them while they study, getting a feel for their normal daily routine. I am going to sit down with Reuben sometime soon to talk more about his expectations for me and such.
Also, the internet is not working right now (I didn’t really understand why) but Johnathan says they will be getting it fixed tomorrow or the next day. So right now I am using some magical internet flash drive looking thing. Which means, I can email, but I won’t be checking it as often as I normally would with my phone. So don’t worry if I don’t respond to emails right away. Also, my phone can’t get a signal, so I won’t be responding to texts either. Thanks for all your help getting me here 🙂 Headed to bed so I can get up for 5:00am exercises!
To learn more about Bright Hope, go here.

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