What a week! From the opening day until the curtain fell it was a world-class camp. It gets better every year!
This year brought so many blessings…
  • Tektronix generosity in providing the fields and the water.
  • An amazing coaching staff led by Brad Wolverton, Matt McGee and company
  • Awesome support teams – Jamie Robison et al (admin staff), water team, dinner team, bus team, and Jeff Cero’s clean-up team
  • Former campers as part of our coaching staff (Miguel, David, Ashis and Heidi)
  • Outstanding chapel times by Jeff, Fabi, Israel, Mike and Brittni
  • Timbers players at both camps (Zarek and Alvas)
  • Prayer with the campers
  • Camp appearances by seasoned favorites (Mat Johnson and Mindi Hardin)
  • Tacos! (need I say more?)
  • An enthusiastic and energetic “glow-stick dance time” at the celebration – way to rock it Jamie and Israel.
  • Timbers tickets (again)!
  • And about 200 very happy campers.
IMG_5153 (1)
From the outset we talked about creating a Kingdom environment, a veritable bubble of shalom from the Holy Spirit. A place of peace where the kids would encounter love and acceptance from the people of God. For some it may have been their first time to encounter Jesus’ people. We affirmed lavishly. We reminded them again and again that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by their Father in Heaven – a Father Who loves them!
One of our volunteers got invited by one of the Hispanic moms to come to her apartment at Ecole and learn how to make authentic Mexican food (she can bring a few friends, too). We (the Soccer Staff) were invited to Merlo Apartment’s Summer BBQ because the apartment manager sees the love we have for the kids. And another of our volunteers is already planning ways to continue to bless that community and the kids who live there. Finally, seven kids from the camp who are aging out this year have indicated their desire to serve next year.
This is an outreach camp. Last week the love of Jesus has touched our community in a profound way! Covered in prayer by so many people, why would we expect any less?

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