COVID has complicated the problem of world hunger in many ways: minimizing income, interrupting supply chains, causing lockdowns that prevent work opportunities, and more. Around the world, people are more at risk of starvation than ever, particularly in the east African country of Burundi, which has also been impacted by a drought. Furthermore, the church was facing growing government regulations meant to curtail the multiplication of small churches that were not under the authority of recognized denominations.

We partnered with Foursquare Disaster Relief and The Burundi National Foursquare Church to train indigenous leaders and bring certification to pastors, a requirement instituted by the Burundi government. Without this training, churches would have closed. B4Church covered the cost of this event, so the churches can remain open without interruption. These leaders were equipped to train others in the nation. Please continue to pray for health and protection for the Burundi National Church and for the anointing of God upon the new leaders being trained, developed and released in Foursquare Burundi!

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